"Curating the past, one coin at a time"

Coinage has served as one of the most significant developments in human history, with a single coin in the palm of one's hand bearing testimony to a bygone era. These coins can provide an invaluable window into past human societies, containing both artistic imagery and historical inscriptions that can help to piece together a vivid picture of human life throughout the ages.

Established in 2015, Nuqud Gallery has been providing institutions, museums, collectors and investors with some of the highest quality and rarest coins from the ancient and Islamic worlds.

Our Services

Guarantee of authenticity

At our establishment, we take great pride in providing an unwavering guarantee of authenticity for all items sold, whether they are acquired through auctions or direct purchases. This pledge is a testament to our extensive experience in this industry and the meticulous measures we undertake in sourcing materials. Additionally, and upon request, we are pleased to provide letters of authenticity for any items purchased from our establishment.

Direct sale of numismatics

We take immense pride in our esteemed collection, as it boasts one of the largest and most diverse stocks of Islamic and ancient coins available online. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the regular updates we make to our holdings, ensuring that our clients have access to the finest quality and most sought-after treasures for their collections.

Expert advice on numismatics

At Nuqud Gallery, we take pride in not only offering a vast and diverse collection of numismatic treasures but also in providing expert advice on all numismatic inquiries from our valued clients. We possess an extensive knowledge of historical coins and artifacts, and we are readily available to assist and guide our customers. Whether you seek insights into coin authentication, historical context, rarity, or investment potential, we are dedicated to offering personalized and well-informed guidance to ensure that our clients make well-informed and rewarding decisions.

Selling your collection

We provide a seamless and professional process for clients looking to sell their numismatic collections. With a deep understanding of the intricate world of numismatics, we value and appreciate the historical significance and rarity of each piece. Should our esteemed clients decide to part with their collectibles, we offer a straightforward and transparent selling experience.

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